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When the breath, body and mind are all in harmony, there you will find peace. Yoga is not just for the most fit, flexible or athletic, but for everyone to experience overall health, well-being and a greater connection to their Spirit. Mindfulness classes emphasize yoga as foremost a spiritual practice. Transformation begins from the inside out. A regular yoga practice will inspire you to live from your heart, speak your truth, and find contentment through all of life's experiences.

Weight Loss on Your Mat after 55!

A regular yoga practice increases mindfulness, which has proven an effective tool for weight loss. There's no question that yoga practice builds body awareness and acceptance.

Scientists and doctors at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center studied subjects who were overweight and did yoga at least once a week had lost five pounds over the 10-year period, while their non-yogi counterparts had gained eight.

Yoga builds mindfulness. You learn to feel when you're full, and you don't like the feeling of overeating.

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